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    God yes.

    Dat ass

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  2. Designer Karen Walker selected 12 models aged 65 to 92 for her latest 2013 eyewear collection, shot in collaboration with Ari Seth Cohen (of the blog Advanced Style), in the cheekily-titled campaign Karen Walker Forever….

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    Raf Simons is laying claim to some of Dior’s awesome heritage for his pre-fall 2013 collection.  He caught our attention by pairing some incred accessories with a few of his “new classics,” which include the tuxedo suit and the “bar” jacket.

    He also artfully showcases the omnipresent menswear-as-womenswear trend this season by incorporating masculine fabrics/patterns (Dior’s signature houndstooth and Prince de Galle) embroidered with feminine details.

    Looks to be a superb (and utterly wearable) interpretation of the house’s inimitable legacy. I do love a dose of realism with my whimsy every now and again. Bravo Raf.

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    Alek Wek for As If Magazine photographed by Tatijana Shoan

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    Look at my vara being fantastic n shit

    Wow!  This is great!

    reblogging again cause its awesome…duh! lol

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  6. oh Gwen, I love thee

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  7. Omg beautiful!

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  8. My humble opinion of the new Neiman Marcus Collection for Target

     So let me start off with the fact that I was surprised how little apparel the line actually has. I was super excited for the clothes but there were only 8 pieces for women! What a let down! From those few pieces I only like one!!! ONE! The piece I liked is the Skaist-Taylor faux fur vest.

    Ugh so disappointing! I thought maybe they didn’t have all the merchandise from the line at my local Target but I checked online and what they have at the store is basically everything. I guess its mostly small gifts that can be bought for friends and family for Christmas. In conclusion, this collaboration with Target is probably the one I like the least so far, but only because I expected more apparel for women than all the small trinkets that the line consists of.




  9. Donna Karan: Fall 2012



    Donna Karan’s vision for fall lived under a top hat and was wrapped in lapels as she took women down a road of menswear’s power and womenswear’s chicness.

    Love Donna Karan? Me too! Here is more to feast your eyes on ~

    Resort Glamour & Spring Dresses

    Omg I wish I had the entire line! I love how its 40’s inspired.

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  10. Selling spiked headbands! Check it out on etsy!